Euralex 2004 Proceedings

002_2004_V1_John SINCLAIR_Tuscan Word Centre In praise of the dictionary.pdf
003_2004_V1_Pierre CORBIN_Universite Charles de Gaulle Theorie et pratique de la formation professionelle de lexicographes.pdf
004_2004_V1_Anthony COWIE_University of Leeds Phraseology_the Hornby legacy.pdf
005_2004_V1_Christine JACQUET_PFAU_College de France Dictionnaires et encyclopedies du francais.pdf
006_2004_V1_Jorg ASMUSSEN_Feature Detection_A tool for Unifying Dictionary Definitions.pdf
007_2004_V1_Anna BRAASCH_Health Corpus selected and downloaded from the web_is it healthy enough.pdf
008_2004_V1_Thierry FONTENELLE_Lexicalization for proofing tools.pdf
009_2004_V1_Patrick HANKS_Corpus pattern analysis.pdf
010_2004_V1_David JOFFE, Gilles_Maurice DE SCHRYVER_TshwaneLex, a state_of_the_art dictionary com.pdf
011_2004_V1_Adam KILGARRIFF, Pavel RYCHLY, Pavel SMRZ, David TUGWELL_The Sketch Engine.pdf
012_2004_V1_Joep KRUIJSEN, Jos SWANENBERG _Les dictionnaires du Brabancon (WBD) et du Limbourgeoi.pdf
013_2004_V1_LOFBERG, JUNTUNEN, NYKANEN, VARANTOLA, RAYSON and ARCHER_Using a semantic tagger.pdf
014_2004_V1_Rene METRICH_Pour un dictionnaire bilingue (francais_allemand) des mots du discours.pdf
015_2004_V1_Takahiro NAKAMURA, June TATENO and Yukio TONO_Introducing the Shogakukan Corpus Query.pdf
016_2004_V1_Jan ODIJK_A proposed standard for the lexical representation of idioms.pdf
017_2004_V1_Jean_Marie PIERREL, Jacques DENDIEN, Pascale BERNARD_Le TLFi ou Tresor de la Langue Francaise Informatise.pdf
018_2004_V1_Kristina SPRANGER_Beyond subcategorization acquisition_Multi_parameter extraction fro.pdf
019_2004_V1_Jacques STEINLIN, Alain POLGUERE, Sylvain KAHANE, Adil EL GHALI_De larticle lexicographique a la modelisation.pdf
020_2004_V1_Gilles_Maurice De SCHRYVER, David JOFFE_On how electronic dictionaries are really used.pdf
021_2004_V1_M. TAULE, M. GARCIA, N. ARTIGAS and M. A. MARTI_Evaluating lexical resources for WSD.pdf
022_2004_V1_Agnes TUTIN_Pour une modelisation dynamique des collocations dans les textes.pdf
023_2004_V1_Ian BROOKES_Painting the Forth Bridge_coping with obsolescence in a monolingual English dictionary.pdf
024_2004_V1_Sylvie DE COCK, Sylviane GRANGER_High frequency words_the bete noire of lexicographer.pdf
025_2004_V1_Margaret DEUTER_A tale of two halves_writing a bilingual dictionary for students of E.pdf
026_2004_V1_Stefan EVERT, Ulrich HEID, Bettina SAUBERLICH_Supporting corpus_based dictionary upda.pdf
027_2004_V1_Irina V. FEDOROVA_Style and usage labels in learners dictionaries_Ways of optimisati.pdf
028_2004_V1_Primoz JAKOPIN, Birte LONNEKER_Query_driven dictionary enhancement.pdf
029_2004_V1_Henrik LORENTZEN_The Danish Dictionary at large_presentation, problems and perspectiv.pdf
030_2004_V1_Philippe MARTIN, Leopoldina ARAUJO_Elaboration dun dictionnaire multimedia de la lan.pdf
031_2004_V1_Rik SCHUTZ_Structured data_automated selection and sorting_dictionary.pdf
032_2004_V1_Lars TRAP_JENSEN_Spoken language in dictionaries_does it really matter.pdf
033_2004_V1_Krista VARANTOLA_Dissecting a dictionary.pdf
034_2004_V1_Andrejs VEISBERGS_Reversal as means of building a new dictionary.pdf
035_2004_V1_Kristin BAKKEN_Turning a dictionary around_Norsk Ordbok 2014.pdf
036_2004_V1_Marianna N. CHRISTOU_A metalexicographic investigation into a set of complex Modern G.pdf
037_2004_V1_Adile EMIROVA_Learners Dictionaries as an instrument of Revival and Development of C.pdf
038_2004_V1_Susanne HAUPTMANN, Wolfgang ZENK_Introducing an authoring tool for a new generation o.pdf
039_2004_V1_Claudio Cezar HENRIQUES_Apontamentos para um Dicionario de Epitetos de Escritores da .pdf
040_2004_V1_Ik_Hwan LEE, Kil_Im NAM, C. KIM, Eui_jeong AHN and Jong_Hee LEE_Compiling a monolingu.pdf
042_2004_V2_Svetlana MALIN_DJURAGIC The Dictionary of Serbian Vernaculars in Vojvodina or how to k.pdf
043_2004_V2_Alfonso MEDINA, Gerardo SIERRA_Criteria for the construction ofa corpus for a Mexican.pdf
044_2004_V2_Julia PAJZS_Wade through letter A_ the current state of the Historical Dictionary of .pdf
046_2004_V2_Micaela ROSSI_Dictionnaires pour enfants et acces au sens lexical_Pour une reflexion .pdf
047_2004_V2_Serge VERLINDE, Thierry SELVA, Gerard PETIT and Jean BINON_Les schemas actanciels dans le dictionnaire.pdf
048_2004_V2_A. ABEL, S. CAMPOGIANNI & J. REICHERT_Wortfelder in einem zweisprachigen elektronisch.pdf
049_2004_V2_Arleta ADAMSKA_SALACIAK_Lexical and semantic borrowing in a bilingual dictionary.pdf
050_2004_V2_Martyn BACK_A new bilingual learners dictionary format_the Junior Bilingue.pdf
051_2004_V2_Regina BELDAVA_Hachette_Oxford_version Lettone.pdf
052_2004_V2_Paul BOGAARDS, Mike HANNAY_Towards a new type of bilingual dictionary.pdf
053_2004_V2_Margareta KASTBERG SJOBLOM_La langue francaise dans le dictionnaire bilingue_methodes.pdf
054_2004_V2_Valerie KATZAROS_The different functions of illustrative examples in Learners Biling.pdf
055_2004_V2_Matthew Wing_kwong LEUNG_Designing an English_Chinese Bilingual Legal Dictionary.pdf
056_2004_V2_Munzhedzi James MAFELA_Bilingual dictionary and meaning discrimination in Venda.pdf
057_2004_V2_Liam RODGER_On not going there in the bilingual dictionary_the case of grammatical_wo.pdf
058_2004_V2_Mitsumi UCHIDA_Deverbal (Quasi) prepositions in English and French_with special refer.pdf
059_2004_V2_Enn VELDI_Phonosemantic accuracy in bilingual dictionaries_English and Estonian derog.pdf
060_2004_V2_Tanja COLLET_The inclusion in a technical dictionary of linguistic_information about .pdf
061_2004_V2_Anne CONDAMINES, Josette REBEYROLLE, Anny SOUBEILLE_Variation de la terminologie dans.pdf
062_2004_V2_Koen KERREMANS, Rita TEMMERMAN and Jose TUMMERS_Discussion on the requirements for a .pdf
063_2004_V2_Patrick LEROYER, Bernt MOLLER_Les nouveaux habits de la lexicographie specialisee_int.pdf
064_2004_V2_Marie_Claude LHOMME_Selection de termes dans un dictionnaire dinformatique_comparai.pdf
065_2004_V2_Age LIND_Navigating through the minefields_On the making of an English_Norwegian dict.pdf
066_2004_V2_Henrik Kehler SIMONSEN_Nine key principles on corporate LSP intranet lexicography.pdf
067_2004_V2_Renata Stela VALENTE_Analyse du sens des lexies predicatives_une etude dirigee a la t.pdf
068_2004_V2_Sylvie VANDAELE_Analyse et representation de la conceptualisation metaphorique en lan.pdf
069_2004_V2_Louise DAGENAIS_Lattrition de la marque dusage BAS_le temoignage de la 4e edition d.pdf
070_2004_V2_Rosamund MOON_Cawdreys A Table Alphabeticall_a quantitative approach.pdf
071_2004_V2_Sarah OGILVIE_From outlandish words to World English_the legitimization of global var.pdf
072_2004_V2_Jean PRUVOST_Les grands principes lexicologiques presidant a la lexicographie Larouss.pdf
073_2004_V2_Gilles SOUVAY_Vers un dictionnaire electronique du moyen francais.pdf
074_2004_V2_Anna DZIEMIANKO_Verb syntax in monolingual English learners dictionaries_a study of .pdf
075_2004_V2_Ruth Vatvedt FJELD, Preben WIK and Lars NYGAARD_Managing complex and multilingual lex.pdf
076_2004_V2_Robert LEW_How do Polish learners of English rate bilingual and monolingual dictionaries.pdf
077_2004_V2_Josette REY_DEBOVE_La morphologie lexicale dans le dictionnaire.pdf
078_2004_V2_Renata BLATNA_A statistical approach to Czech prepositional collocations.pdf
079_2004_V2_Ulrich HEID_On the presentation of collocations in monolingual dictionaries.pdf
080_2004_V2_Ruta MARCINKEVICIENE_Dictionary of Lithuanian phrases.pdf
081_2004_V2_Jaap PARQUI_Where to find fixed phrases in the new Van Dale Groot Woordenboek Hedenda.pdf
082_2004_V2_Violeta SERETAN, Luka NERIMA and Eric WEHRLI_A tool for Multi_word collocation extrac.pdf
083_2004_V2_Diana STANTCHEVA_Ermittlung des Komponentenbestandes von Idiomen_Versuch eines Modell.pdf
085_2004_V3_Jean_Nicolas DE SURMONT_Caracteristiques et variations du marquage diatopique.pdf
086_2004_V3_Dmitrij DOBROVOLSKIJ_Lexical semantics and combinatorial profile_a corpus_based appr.pdf
087_2004_V3_Rufus H. GOUWS, D.J.PRINSLOO and Gilles_Maurice DE SCHRYVER_Friends will be friends_.pdf
088_2004_V3_Geart VAN DER MEER_On defining_polysemy, core meanings and great simplicity.pdf
089_2004_V3_Dawn ARCHER, Paul RAYSON, Scott PIAO and Tony McENERY_Comparing the UCREL semantic annotation.pdf
090_2004_V3_Francisco M. CARRISCONDO ESQUIVEL_Sobre el diccionario y los procesos de significacion.pdf
091_2004_V3_Janet DeCESARIS, Paz BATTANER, and Elisenda BERNAL_Representing noun grammar in English and Spanish Dictionaries.pdf
092_2004_V3_Paul LUNA_Not just a pretty face_the contribution of typography to lexicography.pdf
093_2004_V3_Philip W. MATTHEWS_Decolonizing the dictionary_a preliminary investigation into country names.pdf
094_2004_V3_M. Teresa CABRE, Rosa ESTOPA and Judit FELIU_A specialized knowledge base_from distri.pdf
095_2004_V3_Szilvia CSABI and Gyongyi POMAZI_Learning foreign languages and Hungarian with Akademiai Kiado.pdf
096_2004_V3_Ken FARO_Verbildete, Verbeamtete und Uberalterte Deutschweizer_Das Schweizerhochdeutsch.pdf
097_2004_V3_G. FLIEDL, A. HOMA, P. MAURER_STROH, G. WEBER_ANCR_the adjective_noun collocation retriever.pdf
098_2004_V3_Don R. McCREARY_Labeling of pejorative terms in a dictionary of college slang.pdf
099_2004_V3_Sven_Goran MALMGREN, Christian SJOGREEN_Using a lexical database for domain determination.pdf
100_2004_V3_Sanni NIMBA_Syntactic lexicon for Danish adverbs.pdf
101_2004_V3_Wlodzimierz SOBKOWIAK_Phonetically controlled definitions.pdf
102_2004_V3_June TATENO, Yasuo MORITA, Takahiro NAKAMURA, Hiroshi AIZAWA and Yukio TONO_Compiling.pdf
103_2004_V3_Iovka Bojilova TCHOBANOVA_Valores semanticos dos nomes sufixados em_ado no portugues .pdf
104_2004_V3_Isabel VERDAGUER, Eva GONZALEZ_ A lexical database of collocations in scientific English.pdf
105_2004_V3_Maria Begona VILLADA MOIRON_Distinguishing prepositionnal complements from fixed arguments.pdf
106_2004_V3_Silvia CACCHIANI_Towards a model for investigating predicate_intensifier collocations.pdf
107_2004_V3_Mariadomenica LO NOSTRO_Introduire les illustrations de la gestuelle dans les dictionnaires.pdf
108_2004_V3_C. PELISSIER, C. JADELOT, Jean_Marie PIERREL_Methodologie liee a lutilisation de grandes ressources.pdf
109_2004_V3_Christina SANCHEZ_Are English Words Loners_An inquiry into the Motivation and Word Family.pdf
110_2004_V3_Valeria ZOTTI_La direction des dictionnaires bilingues contemporains.pdf
111_2004_V3_Anne TAMM_Aspectual mismatches in bilingual dictionaries.pdf