EURALEX is the leading professional association for people working in lexicography and related fields. In the rapidly-changing world of language analysis and language description, EURALEX provides a forum for the exchange of ideas. Though based in Europe, EURALEX has a worldwide reach and a worldwide membership. Its members include lexicographers, reference publishers, corpus linguists, computational linguists, academics working in relevant disciplines, software developers, and anyone with a lively interest in language.

EURALEX holds a major Congress every two years, and also sponsors smaller events on specific areas within the broader field. Details about the past and future Euralex conferences are available on the Conferences page. EURALEX has also created a digitized version of the papers from its past conferences. The collection which covers the period from the first EURALEX congress held in Exeter in 1983 to the 15th held in Oslo in 2012 can be accessed online on the Publications page.

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German Colour Lexicography

By William Jervis Jones:

EURALEX 2014: The User in Focus

The XVI EURALEX International Congress will be held 15-19 July 2014 in Bolzano/Bozen, Italy. The Congress will be organized by the Institute for Specialised Communication and Multilingualism at the European …

Ier Symposium International RELEX “La lexicographie romane: État de la question” (Université de La Corogne, 15-17 octobre 2013)

Le réseau de lexicographie RELEX organise son Ier Symposium International de Lexicographie consacré à “La lexicographie romane: État de la question”, qui aura lieu à l’Université de La Corogne du …